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What is TUSC

TUSC is an online design and assessment tool that rates the sustainability of urban residential buildings, subdivisions, and neighbourhoods. TUSC calculates the energy and water savings and and the wider stormwater and transport-related impacts of both existing sites and sites at the concept or design stage. It combines all this information in both graphical and numerical form to show how sustainable your home, subdivision or neighbourhood is and will give you ideas on how you can improve.
The TUSC site contains a number of tools for different uses and users. Click on the green arrow by the relevant tool below to check out case studies, design a sustainable home, check the efficiency of your existing home, design a sustainable subdivision, or calculate your development remission from Waitakere City Council.
If you want more information on the purpose and outputs of each of the tools, click on the blue question mark icon.

How do you want to use TUSC?

Have a go using the demo version 

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Use the Demo Version to become familiar with the TUSC tool interface. This tool loads with preset values which users can then change to see the impact upon sustainability.


Design a new sustainable home


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The Design Site Tool is for developers and home owners who want to design a new sustainable home. This tool is great for assessing the economic and environmental significance of different design choices. The tool calculates the payback period of sustainable devices based on their additional capital cost versus their long term operational savings. Through selecting different design options and comparing results, an optimum design can be achieved.


Audit the sustainability of an existing home


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The Audit Site Tool is for home owners who want to audit the sustainability of an existing house and identify opportunities for improvement. This tool contains a wealth of helpful information on designing and running a sustainable home.


Design a sustainable subdivision*


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The Neighbourhood Tool is for developers wanting to design or assess the sustainability of a multi-lot subdivision. The Neighbourhood Tool builds on the household level evaluation made by the site tool by considering community-wide features such as parks or stormwater treatment devices.


Apply for a remission under the Waitakere City Council Development Contribution policy


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The Remissions Tool is specifically designed for Waitakere City Council's Development Contribution policy. It assesses what remission value your development will achieve.

Learn from other's experience

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The Case Study Library is a great place to see sustainable sites in action. You can learn from the design choices others have made and see their impact.

* Not currently online


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